• Object Oriented Programming in C#,  Native C, C++ and Visual Basic.NET, focusing primarily on game engine and content creation tool development.

  • Graphics Programming with DirectX, XNA for Windows and the Xbox 360, with some OpenGL experience.

  • Vertex and Pixel Shader Programming with hlsl.

  • Some network programming experience

  • Writing Scripts in MaxScript for 3dsmax

  • 3d Modeling of Characters, Weapons and Environments in 3dsmax, Maya and Zbrush.

  • Texturing and Concept Design and Digital Painting in Adobe Photoshop and Zbrush.  

  • UV Mapping

  • Experience with Unreal Engine 2 and 3, Unity, and id tech 3/4.

  • Some Adobe Flash and actionscript experience


Professional Experience


July 2013 December 2013: Programming contractor at MFV

  • Developed an iOS adaptation of the board game Qwirkle by Mindware. I developed much of the app from a simple functional prototype. I added additional difficulty levels for the AI, perspective and top-down camera modes and navigation, pass and play mode, all user-interface programming including alternate UI for the iPhone, Helped the art team enhance the look of the game and programmed the Game Center integration for online play.

December 2008 July 2012: 3d Engine and tools programmer at Icarus Studios

  • Developed a river system allowing artists to quickly draw out paths in the world editing tool. On export the rivers would be automatically generated along the paths, including automatic placement of waterfalls and mist particle effects where appropriate

  • Developed a new rendering pipeline for the tree system in the Icarus Engine to allow for the use of custom tree models. The system included leaf translucency effects and wind.

  • Improved several rendering features and shaders for the engine including water, terrain, grass, sky and global lighting.

  • Added several features to the world editing tool and the ecosystem editor.

  • Developed an application layer to allow a game using the Unity Engine to communicate with the Icarus XScape backend.

  • Worked on some game code including a boat vehicle type and a fishing mini-game for an unannounced project.

  • Worked on optimizations for existing engine systems.  

  • Authored several maxscripts for exporting content from 3dsmax into a format usable by the engine, as well as automating processes to speed up artists workflow.

  • Created Flash effects animations for the Heroclix TabApp

March 2007 December 2008: Lead Character Artist for Fallen Earth at Icarus Studios.

  • Responsible for updating the player avatars and the armor that players and npcs would wear.

  • Managed artists working on armor and gear

  • Worked with the design department to design the various armor and gear for players and npcs in Fallen Earth.

September 2005 - March 2007: 3d Artist at Icarus Studios.

  • Created character armor and clothing

  • Modeled an assortment of props and weapons

Personal Experience  


2006 - Present

  • Developed my own 3d game engine and associated tools and worked on a few game projects using it. Engine features include:

-Real-time per-pixel lighting with normal mapping with several light types

-Normal mapped ambient pass with placeable ambient lights to vary color and intensity of ambient lighting in the environment, blended with ambient occlusion.

-Supports light maps for ambient and global illumination

-Real-time soft shadows and projected texture effects on light sources  

-Utilizes the Bullet Physics Engine for rigid body physics and ragdoll

-Collision detection and character animation

-Flexible scene system allowing various game types to be made easily with the engine (i.e. the engine is just as suited for making an RTS as it would be for a FPS).  

-Scriptable particle effects

-Supports post-processing effects

February 2013 - Present

  • Worked on my own game project called Seed of Chaos using my game engine. It is a sci-fi top-down 3d action adventure game influenced from classic games such as Super Metroid and Legend of Zelda. It features a large interconnected world to explore, upgrades that enhance the player characters abilities and allow them to reach places they could not previously, and a cover mechanic for combat.

2002 - 2004

  • Active in mod community making characters for UT2004, Jedi Academy and Quake III Arena. 




School Of Communication Arts, Raleigh NC -- Associates of Applied Science in Digital Animation, June 2005 with honors.


Shipped Titles



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