Icarus Studios XScape graphics features


      I updated the rendering of the tree system to support artist-crafted tree models, and modeled and textured over 20 tree models to go along with it. I added wind effects to the vertex shader and created the pixel shader featuring leaf-translucency and baked-in ambient occlusion. I also added tree canopy shadows as a post-effect.

Terrain and Scrub

I improved the look of the terrain, particularly in the distance and along cliff faces using normal-based texture mapping to remove texture stretching. I also updated the rendering of scrub to support artist-crafted scrub meshes that looked good from any angle.


I improved the rendering of the sky's time of day cycle and updated the cloud texturing to support normal maps and backlighting effects when clouds appeared in front of the sun.


For the water I added support for cube map reflections, soft-edges, coastal foam, animated caustics using pre-generated animated caustic textures, and flow maps to control the flow of the water. I also added underwater god-rays


I implemented a procedural river system that would generate rivers from artist-defined paths, complete with waterfalls and automatic placement of spray particles, coastal foam and sound emitters

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